Our purpose of having a course on stock market investing
Now you might think that it seems a bit strange that Wanjan have a course on stock market investing. But our purpose is of course to help improve the health and we believe that the economy also influences how we feel. A sound economy based on both earnings from working and passive income from shares reduces stress. In addition, a long-term savings makes it possible to afford less working later in life. Then you can enjoy life more, spend more time with friends and family and so on. Another thought with stock investments is that it could increase your chance for a better economy if you risk getting a low pension at the time of retiring. But the very best with stock investments is that it is so interesting and exciting to see how modern businesses are struggling in tough competition.

Registration is done by sending an email with your name to wanjan@wanjan.se. If you show a 10-card at Wanjan with at least one stamp you get the 10% discount on the price of the course.

Schedule, premisesand pricing
Premises: Wanjan Thai massage, Östra Varvsgatan 18

The schedule is not yet decided because it will be adjusted to the customers.
On the first appointment  you pay only 200 kr. You pay when you arrive.
You pay SEK 800 for the rest of the course when you arrive on the next appointment.

It  will be three evenings at 6.00 pm until 8.00 pm.


My name is Jan Artursson and I´m a partner of Wanjan Thai Massage. Working part-time as a secondary school teacher in business and legal topics. I got extensive training in business administration and economics at the University of Lund. I have actively invested in stocks and stock funds since 2002.
During the last six years I have earned some money from the stock market. Therefore, I think it would be fun to have a course that also gives you a chance of making money in a nice way.


The content 
Advantages of share savings
What is a share?
How does the stock market work?
How do you open a securities account at an online bank?
Goal - if you are lazyPractical tutorial on how to use key figures at the internet bank Avanza
Risk and return
How do you know when to sell a share?
Advice on good websites, pods and books if you like to be an amazing share investor. 🙂
Goal - to get very rich! 🙂
How do you know the value of a share?
Key figures - a method for valuation
How to buy shares on the stock exchange?