Aromatic oil massage

Thai massage with our aromatic oil.

60 min – 729 kr    90 min – 1029 kr

Wanjan Thai Massage “Miracle”

We start with a beneficial massage with Aloe Vera lasting 40 minutes. Then we follow up with an aromatic oil massage for 40 minutes. Finally we top off with a nice head massage for 20 minutes.
100 min – 1199 kr

Wanjan Thai Massage “Toe to head”

We start with a wonderful foot massage that lasts for 30 minutes. Then we continue with an aromatic oil massage that you can enjoy for 40 minutes. Finally we top off with a nice head massage that lasts 20 minutes.
90 min – 1099 kr

Wanjan Thai Massage Family

An adult and a child under 18 receive massage in our purple favorite room. Traditional Thai massage for the adult and Thai massage that is adapted to the child’s age and wishes. Please note that you have to make two bookings of the same time to make it work for us.

60 min – 659 kr per person

Wanjan Thai Massage “For a short while”

Traditional Thai massage that can be good if you for example like to come at lunchtime. Or if you are a little uncertain about what Wanjan Thaimassage is and like to try it before you make an appointment for a full time massage.
60 min – 479 kr

Pregnancy Massage

Traditional Thai Massage adapted for pregnancy.
60 min – 729 kr     90 min – 1029 kr

Wanjan Thai Massage Special

Special massage for those with back pain, migraines, headaches or neck pain. We remove the symptoms or alleviate the problems with some beneficial treatments.

60 min – 1049 kr    90 min – 1500 kr

Head, neck and shoulder

Massage focusing on the head, neck and shoulders
60 min – 729 kr
With nourishing Aloe Vera gel
60 mins – 789 kr

Aloe Vera Thai Massage
Thai Massage with nourishing Aloe Vera gel that is relaxing for your muscles and keep your skin in balance.
60 min – 789 kr    90 min – 1089 kr