How do you experience Thai massage?
It is a calm and peaceful experience and you can feel how the body parts gradually relaxes more and more. Masseuse contact leads to increased well-being and after a while it happens that you end up in a state that is so relaxed that you almost can´t move. It is also quite common to simply fall asleep.

What to consider before you start
Tell the masseuse if you have any health problems. It isn´t healthy to come to a Thai massage salon if you are ill or have a cold. You must tell the masseuse if you have any pain to make it possible to customize the massage to the condition of your body. If you have had surgery or have some type of implant (material that does not belong to the body), then you must also tell the masseuse. When you get massaged, it is also important that you speak out if it hurts or if you think that the treatment of the masseuse is too hard.

Effects of Thai massage
Muscle tension and pain might be released
Stimulates blood circulation
Reduces stress
Increases well-being
Sometimes an euphoria "light"
Increases mobility
You feel more balanced
The relaxation makes it easier to get in a creative mood.