Our purpose
We want to help improve men's and women's health. We would like to offer different kinds of Thai massage. We also hope that our customers will have the potential to become more creative when they have experienced our treatments. When stress is reduced and the body and the brain relaxes, it is of course much easier to come up with new ideas. Another aim is to contribute to cancer research so therefore we will give 5% of our profits for that purpose. We would also seek to remain a viable and serious company.

Our location
We have chosen to be active in the middle of "Västra hamnen" (West harbour). We think it's fun to start a new business where there is a lot of "action". We think it may even inspire us to become a good company and that it hopefully might lead to an increasing quality of our services. In addition, there are many companies in "Västra hamnen" dealing with media, product development and various types of computer technology, startups etc. These companies need employees that are creative in their working day. Then we think that our services might contribute making it easer to get in a creative mood. So come to us and get relaxed and rich in ideas!
Moreover, we know there are many who would like to reward themselves with some nice luxury in everyday life.